My Counseling Approach

Using my own expatriate experience as well as my many years working with hundreds of individuals from a variety of life circumstances as a basis, I have developed a counseling approach that is holistic, humorous and solution-focused.

I work from the philosophy that the path to personal development, contentment and fulfillment is a mindful balance between self-awareness and the ability to identify and reach out to the resouces in one's surroundings. My goal is to help you find clarity in your individual situation in order to move on to the important work of identifying solutions.

Expats enjoy their first pizza in Germany.I will help you and your family locate and connect with local organizations and resources to make you feel an integral part of the community, which is a vital step to alleviating the common expat problem of feeling isolated.

Because relocating to another country often exacerabates existing issues, I will work closely with you in identifying the underlying problem and illuminating a path toward resolving it.

Counseling is not psychotherapy; issues requiring such should be taken to a licenced therapist/ psychologist/ psychiatrist. My services fall under the German categoies of "Coaching" and "Beratung".

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